The company holds basketball games for employees

In order to enrich the cultural and entertainment activities for the staff, give full play to the team spirit, and enhance the cohesion and pride of the staff, the company basketball match was held in the basketball court of the factory in September. All departments responded positively and organized basketball teams to participate in the competition. All the athletes, referees, staff and on-site audience performance outstanding, staff actively do a good job of logistics, the work of the referees selfless, really play the friendship first, the second essence of the game, the game out of style, the game out of level.1-1.jpg2-1.jpg3-1.jpg4-1.jpg

After a week of elimination, and finally after four Sections of the fierce battle, the final determination of the champion of the game;   The champion and runner-up got a big bonus, and the other teams that did not win the ranking also got the corresponding prizes and bonuses.

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