YIMO Management Team OutdoorExpansion Training

On the sixth anniversary of YIMO, we will set out again aftercompleting the package.

Unconsciously, YIMO Electronics has been working with YIMO people forsix years. Looking back on these six years, many exciting stories havehappened, many YIMO role models have emerged, and remarkable experiences andachievements have been accumulated, laying the foundation for YIMO's uniquecorporate culture

In the current development and testing of new forms of socialenvironment, it is particularly important to look back on the past, condenseexperience, face new opportunities and challenges, build a team full ofcohesion and centripetal force, and explore and form the unique spiritualoutlook of British people. To this end, under the guidance of the company'sdevelopment layout and senior leadership, on May 17, 2023, the sixthanniversary themed activities of YIMO Electronics were officially launched.

In the anniversary celebration series theme activity plan, selectionand refinement include team building, humanistic care, cultural refinement,employee style, and excellent selection. The most core team building activitywas officially launched on June 3rd, during the scorching test and tempering ofearly summer.

The sixth anniversary management team building is mainly focused onexpanding training, with a total of 54 participants participating in thisevent. The purpose is to create a "focused, innovative, hardworking, andshared" management team, thereby strengthening communication among teammembers, breaking through thinking patterns, cultivating a team spirit ofmutual trust, cooperation, and support, enhancing communication andcollaboration between departments, and forming a positive and upwardorganizational atmosphere.


A single thread does not make a thread, and a single tree does not makea forest. If an individual is a small stream or river with meager strength,then the strength of a team is a vast ocean of strong morale gathered together.The expansion was carried out in the form of group competitions. At thebeginning of the event, the four teams conducted their own team building, icebreaking activities, and showcasing their talents.


Subsequently, it officially entered the theme of the expansionactivity, the competition of team projects. The first step is to expand thecompetition project - rolling financial resources.


This is a project that requires communication and coordination, and itsuniqueness lies in the arrangement of team positions and the unity of theentire set of actions. In the competition, under the leadership of thecaptain's slogan, each group collaborates in a unified manner to catch up andsurpass, striving for consistency in each action. It fully reflects the teammembers' spirit of unity, cooperation, and proactive progress.


The second project is to test the team's tacit understanding and theinspiring spirit of cooperation. When everyone is stretching the drum andoutputting strength, it is crucial to combine wisdom and skills in a project.After a series of training under the scorching sun, there was an excitingcompetition.


The third project is a Pearl River Delta project that promotescommunication and exchange. Everyone is a key point in the path of the ball,and in the journey of the ball running according to standards and rules,everyone is a key responsible person who connects the past and sets the stagefor the future, fully reflecting the importance of each position and functionaloperation in organizational work.


The last event is dragon boat competition. As the Dragon Boat Festivalapproached, the dragon boat competition pushed the expansion training projectto a high point and elevated the theme of the event. It not only promotedcommunication and collaboration among all teams during the event, but alsoenriched the team's collectivism spirit through the dragon boat competition,representing the company's future development journey of thousands of miles!


During the process, a large number of positive and enthusiasticoutstanding individuals emerged.

In the scorching sun, British people are not afraid of difficulties andchallenges. They sweat in the face of difficulties and strive to be the firstin the face of challenges.


Only by uniting the team and focusing on goals can we better reach theother shore of success! Although the expansion activity has come to an end, thevoices of everyone cheering up still echo and the scenes of planning togetherstill appear in front of us. We will put a positive spirit and a collaborativeatmosphere into our daily work, actively striving and pragmatic cooperation todo everything well.


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